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CDT as Certification Transition

A Message for Chapter and Region Leaders

Hello contact.firstname,

The CDT certificate is the cornerstone of CSI’s credentialing programs, providing a comprehensive overview for anyone who writes, interprets, enforces, or manages construction documents.  I am writing to communicate some important and upcoming changes to the program. After several years, and following the lead of volunteer leadership, CSI is about to complete several steps toward elevating the CDT to a certification.

While the CDT certificate has many features of a certification, including encouragement to use CDT after one’s name and “lifetime” validity, it is not. In fact, the norm for certificates is that they also have a finite period of validity—not lifetime—and certificate letters are not used after one’s name. In the interest of increasing the professional standing of the CDT and reconcile these issues. beginning on July 1, 2018, the CDT certification program will include eligibility prerequisites and ongoing professional learning hours for renewal. This provides assurance to the public that CDT holders are tested on and will maintain contemporary knowledge.

There are no required actions by CDT certificate holders at this time.
Beginning on July 1, 2018, the CDT certification will renew on a three-year cycle and carry with it the following renewal requirements:
  • 24-hours of Continuing Education
  • Renewal Application including Attestation to Current Terms & Conditions 
  • Payment of a renewal fee

Current CDT holders may continue to use CDT as a post-nominal until June 30, 2021. To continue using “CDT” following their name after June 30, 2021, CDT certificants must meet the requirements for renewal.

CDT certifications issued after June 30, 2018 are renewed on a 3-year cycle based on the year the credential is obtained (Ex: a CDT certification obtained in 2019 renews June 30, 2022.)

This information will be communicated to the broader membership and updated on the CSI website.

Of particular note is the potential benefit to regions and chapters, as this change should add additional value to the continuing education you offer.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or email for assistance.

Aaron Robbins Wiseman, M.S.
Manager, Certifications
110 South Union Street, Suite 100
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703-706-4746
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